Graco SnugRider Elite Travel System Review (Discontinued by manufacturer)

When you have a Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier, you will have the ideal travel solution for when the children are too small to get around on their own. When you need to have a stroller to take the baby around as well as have a car seat for when there are longer journeys, this will be the perfect combination for a number of reasons.

There is an aluminium stroller frame that is incredibly light and is designed so that it can be used with any of the Greco infant car seats. When it needs to be put away, there is a Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seatstanding fold that can be operated with one hand and there is also an automatic lock. Thanks to this system there is no need to bend down when putting it away. There is a storage basked and the size has been deemed big enough to hold everything that will be needed when travelling with a child.

Attaching the seat to the stroller could not be simpler, and there is only one step involved. Due to being lightweight there is no reason why you cannot carry your child wherever you go and there is no need to be restricted to certain days out or events. The handle can be adjusted and this means that you can push at a height that is not going to hurt your arms.

Graco SnugRider Elite Travel System

There are SnugRider Elite swivel wheels fitted to the Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier, so there will not be any problems when trying to get around the streets and so you can have refreshment whenever you need it, there are two cup holders attached, so with a slight detour you can have a drink on the go. As if to prove how easy it is to use the stroller, there travel system has been certified as being frustration free and it is clear that everything has been done to make that the case.

All in all it weighs just 15.5 lbs yet there is no need to worry that it will not be sturdy enough to protect the child. It is suitable for a child of either gender and when measured is 9.5” x 17” x 24”. When you are looking for a stroller that can be used with more than one car seat, this is one that is well worth considering, especially if the child is still small and young.