First Years Ultra Folding Booster Seat, Cappuccino (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

To make sure that your baby and then child is totally safe when being driven around, using the First Years seats will be ideal and the First Years Ultra Folding Booster Seat will be a good one to use. Having won awards for being easy to use – the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) has awarded them 5 stars.

As soon as some children realise that they are going to be strapped into a seat they begin to struggle and this can be counteracted thanks to the fact that the arm rest rotatesFirst Years Compass Booster Seat meaning there is a clear space for you to put the child in. Once they are seated, you can quickly buckle them in and then put the rests back in their normal position, and you are ready to go. They are safe and there has been a lot less stress for both of you.

Once you have a seat you will be able to use it for a number of years as the First Years Compass Booster Seat, grows along with the child. Each time it is getting a little difficult for your child to sit comfortably, you can adjust the back and it becomes taller. This means that your child is fully supported again and is going to be protected to the hilt if there was any impact.

Removal and replacement of the First Years Compass Booster Seat, is easy and this is something you may have to do regularly if other people sometimes drive them around or they spill food and drink and it needs to be cleaned out. If you find that you won’t be using it for a while it is easy to fold and uses a system known as easy one hand fold. It is easy to store and easy to clean, which is just as well, as with a couple of holders for food and drink, there is a good chance there will be spillage from time to time.

The seat weighs 13.5lbs and this is a little heavier than many other seats for children of the same age and weight, and is recommended for a child that weighs between 30lbs and 100lbs. This tends to cover children that are aged between 3 years and 10 years. To make sure that there is enough room when the seat is placed in smaller cars, the bar has been made narrower. Overall it measures 25.2” x 18.5” x 12.5”.