First Year Compass B540 Sticks and Stones Booster Seat Review

Compass b540 Booster Sticks Review

It is hard to decide which car seat will be best, but the Compass B540 Booster Sticks and Stones will come top of many lists. No responsible parent would ever take their child out in the car without putting them in a child seat and the ideal one will be a seat that is safe for the baby and easy for the busy parents to use. This has been given a 5 star rating by the National Highway Transportation Administration and each one is made to the best standards available.

There are rotating armrests that allow the child to get into the seat making it seem to them as if they are choosing to do it. The seat is well padded and comfortable so there will beCompass b540 Booster Seat Review less struggling to be released. Again thanks to the armrests it is easy to fasten the straps and make sure the child cannot get out. As soon as this has been done the armrests can go back into their original place.

This is also good value for money as it is possible to increase the size of the back of the booster seat so that you can keep it as the child grows. There can be an adjustment made at the back and it will be ready for use again in a matter of minutes. The design of the Compass B540 Booster Sticks and Stones is such that it is easy to store – it can be folded easily and put away and then opened and reinstalled just as quickly when you need it again.

Rather than have to struggle, you can give your child a drink and place it in the holder and whatever is in them will stay upright. Food can be put there as well so you can always keep your eyes on where you are going. It is 100% polyester and the belt paths are color coded so that it is easier to install. The Compass B540 Booster Sticks and Stones measures 18.5” x 27” x 20.3” and weighs just 9lbs so will not be too heavy to move from car to car as necessary. It should not be used for a child that weighs less than 30lbs or more than 100lbs – by then it will be time to get a bigger seat as it will no longer be safe to let them use this one.The seat is facing forward so you will always be able to see what the child is doing, and they will be able to see you and where you are going.