Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat Tango Review

Britax Parkway Booster Seat Review tango

Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat Tango

As your child grows, he or she will need the Britax Parkway SGL Belt Positioning Booster Seat TANGO. It is the most comfortable and safe seat and there are additional innovative features to it. The base that is engineered with SafeCells ensures safety to your child’s head. It means, it make sure that injury will be minor if there is a crash.


If contact is made the seat will compress and the centre of gravity will be lowered. Therefore the car seat will not move forward as much. SecureGuard will function if there is an impact from the side or the front. SecureGuard stops the child slipping out of the lap-belt portion of the safety belt.

Security & Convenience

The Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat Tango has EPS foam that is energy absorbing. To further ensure that there is no harm to your child, the walls of the chair are high. Parent can adjust the head restraint easily too fo comfort. Pus, there are cup holders that can be retracted.

One can take the cover off easily and this will be helpful because a child in a car tends to spill something. You can fit the seat into the car in a matter of seconds using the Soflex, a flexible lower latch connection system. All it takes are 2 quick clicks and a pull. Besides, you can move the seat from vehicle to vehicle easily because it weighs just only 10 lbs. Therefore, you can move and refit it within few minutes even if the child is still in it.


It measures 15” x 18” x 28” and the cup holder can be used to put certain items of food in as well. Britax Parkway SGL Belt-Positioning Booster Seat Tango is best for child weighing between 40lbs and 120 lbs. In many cases it will be suitable for a child until they reach around 5 years of age. The child will be facing the seat in front so it is possible to keep an eye on what they are doing. It also makes them feel better simply because they can see you at all time.