Best Evenflo Travel System vs Graco Click Connect

When you need to go out and about while you have a child in tow, it can be hard to transport your little one with ease, just as you can with the evenflo travel system. Many travel systems are big and bulky, and they can be hard to manage. The good news is there are a wide variety of travel systems on the market, making it relatively easy to find one that suits you, and your little one. The bad news is that it can be hard to know what type and size of travel system you should buy.

Evenflo JourneyLite Travel System reviewThe type of travel system that you purchase, will be determined by your needs. Do you need to have a stroller that also doubles up as a car seat? Or are you quite happy with using a separate stroller and car seat? The latter option could potentially mean you struggle to ensure your little one stays asleep while you move them, and all new parents are aware of how important it is to ensure they are disturbed as little as possible. Buying the right travel system is vital, as it can keep your baby safe, and comfortable at the same time.

Evenflo JourneyLite Travel System with Embrace

The Evenflo travel system is thought to be a great way for you to take your little one with you, without the fuss that you’d normally have with other travel systems. Available in 6 different colors and with a multi-position function, your little one can be comfortable,Evenflo JourneyLite review while enjoying traveling in something stylish. You no longer have to carry large strollers around with you, and struggle to move your little one from it to their car seat, this product will make it a breeze.

This travel system comes with a uniquely easy way for you to ensure you can take your child with you, without much difficulty, and it’s all thanks to the way that it’s been made.

The advantages of the evenflo travel system are as follows:

  • The reclining stroller seat is cushioned, ensuring your little one is always comfortable
  • It comes with an in-car base, making it very easy for you to transfer your child from the stroller to your car

Evenflo Flexlite Pro Travel System City Scapes

Evenflo Flexlite Pro Travel System City Scapes reviewWhen you’re looking for a stroller that screams style and sophistication, you won’t go far wrong with this one. The Flexlite Pro travel system is a very good looking product that will also ensure your little one is safe and comfortable at the same time. This particular evenflo travel system promises flexibility, safety and of course, comfort. With a 5 point harness system, you can be sure that your child or toddler will not be able to wriggle or climb out of the stroller, no matter where you take it, or how you use it.

The advantages of the Evenflo Flexlite are as follows:

  • It looks incredibly stylish and is incredibly comfortableEvenflo Pro review
  • You can fold the stroller using just one hand
  • The stroller itself will stand upright, even when it’s been folded.
  • Transfer your little bundle of joy to and from your car without much fuss at all.
  • The seat is ideal for babies who weight between 4 pounds and 25 pounds
  • The stroller only weighs 35 pounds

Graco FastAction Fold Stroller Click Connect Travel System

The Graco FastAction travel system is a pretty looking one that comes with many advantages. Not only can your baby travel in style, but in a high quality stroller too. This travel system works pretty much in the same way as the evenflo products we’ve seen, but it comeGraco FastAction Travel System Reviews with other advantages that may surprise:

  • The stroller is ideal for children who weigh up to 50 pounds, which means it has the potential to last you many years
  • The stay-in car base makes it easy to transfer your little one to your car, and back again
  • The seat can be reclined, ensuring your little one is comfortable all the time, no matter how they’re sat
  • The stroller takes just one second to fold, helping you to get your child into the car seat as quickly as possible
  • Easily portable and with great maneuverability, the Graco stroller is very easy to take with you

Travel systems are ideal for just about any occasion. They can make your life easier, and mean you don’t have to buy a separate stroller and car seat. Ensuring that you can take your little one with you, and move them about with ease, is perhaps one of the best features these travel systems come with. Used each time you leave the house, you can keep your little one safe and secure, with very little effort.