Baby Trend Expedition Baby Stroller Review

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger review

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger – Elixer by Baby Trend

Are you an active parent? Is jogging essential part of your life? Are you looking for a stroller that will make your time exercising an enjoyable baby trend jogging strollerexperience? If you answered positively on all these three questions then you have come to the right place. Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger ticks all the boxes, whether we are talking about style, functionality or quality. Jogging with your baby with Expedition 3 Wheel Baby Jogger will be an effortless practice.


This baby Trend buggy has rear will of 16 inches and the front one of 12; this gives us permission to state that Expedition LX Jogger is for terrain of any type.

The weather forecast will not be your subject of worry as Expedition 3 Wheel Baby Jogger can be adjusted to rainy ones and sunny ones equally thanks to its retractable shade cover.


Front swivel wheel is probably most important part of the Expedition LX jogger. It can be locked if you are just strolling on a low speed; that way maneuvering will be easier. Outstanding stability is guaranteed by an overly wide open wheel base.

The price for the Expedition 3 Wheel Baby Jogger is approximately 160 USD. The product becomes even more eye-catching when taking this low price into consideration.

Customer Reviews

No matter what the manufacturers say about their product, customer reviews will always be much more reliable; so let us go through some of them.expedition jogging stroller review Most of the parents who have purchased Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger are very happy with it. They say that pushing the stroller around is really easy and effortless and you will not feel the weight of neither your baby nor the buggy itself.

Customers are also impressed with the design of the stroller as the manufacturers have taken into consideration the height and positioning of handles and wheels for the joggers.

We should not leave the out of the sight the fact whether the babies themselves like the buggy or not. Whether it is a coincidence or a truth, parents say that their little ones enjoy the walks in the Expedition LX Jogger and they usually fall asleep quite easily as the wheels take care of all the shocks that might appear on your way.

The only disadvantage you might encounter in the customer reviews is that this Baby Trend buggy does not have the brakes; but come on, are they really necessary?

Tiny Tatty Teddy Stroller Bundle (Grey) by OBaby

obaby tiny tatty teddy stroller reviewTiny Tatty Teddy Stroller Bundle is a new revolutionary product on the market created by the collaboration of two great companies O’baby and Tiny Tatty Teddy. If you are looking for a buggy that will serve you for a long time, this is it! It can be used for about three years; from birth to babies weighing up to 33lbs.


As we already mentioned this stroller is suitable for babies of different ages thanks to its multi position seat unit that is extremely padded. Maneuver through all kinds of surfaces effortlessly with the ergonomic foam handles.

The bundle includes rain cover that can be thrown over easily if you live in an area of changeable weather and also a matching trim. Other features of the bundle are changing bag, detachable hood and foot muffs.

Shopping will become an enjoyable experience with the stroller’s large shopping basket and front swivel wheels that offers a lockable position. You can place your purchases in the storage area while crowded places will not be a problem for you.

Safety is not a subject to worry about with a 5-Point adjustable harness system.


Tiny Tatty Teddy Stroller is very light as the frame is made out of lightweight aluminum that is also extremely sturdy despite its light mass; only 6.6tiny tatty stroller review kg. Dimensions of this Obaby product are 28.7 x 20.9 x 42.5 inches.

The buggy can be folded very easily and leg rest can be adjusted according to your child’s age.

The fabrics can be cleaned really adroitly. In case of small spills there is no need for washing the whole stroller; using a sponge is enough.

Price of the Tiny Tatty Teddy Stroller Bundle is quite cheap; something around 260 USD.

Customer Reviews

Customers state in their reviews that the product is amazing; especially for the price they paid. It is really comfortable and everyone would recommend it to their closest friends and relatives. Tiny Tatty Teddy Stroller Bundle practically ticks all the boxes: it doesn’t take much space, neither open nor folded and can fit in any car. The parents of several children of different ages are the most satisfied ones as the stroller is suitable for all of them. The only disadvantage, if we might call it so, is that one of the customers recommended searching for other options for those who love to walk; as the stroller does not seems to be so physically powerful.