Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Review

With the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium, there is both a Flex Lock 30 Infant car seat and LX Jogging stroller. The Jogger is easy to control as there is a front locking wheel. Also, it is easy to manoeuvre because there is a swivel wheel. To make sure that you can take everything you need, there are trays for both children and parents. It has large basket for storage and a canopy that will be certainly large enough to protect the child.

When it comes to the car seat part of the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium there is a Flex Lock Car Seat which will make sure that it is easy to adjust the car base height. The car seat is going to be fine for a child beginning at 5lbs and going up to 30lbs. The child that can comfortably sit in it will be up to 28.5” tall. The harness can be controlled with one hand and release is done with just one button.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

There are 4 other buttons that allow the seat to be adjusted. The stroller is very easy to use and has a front swivel wheel that is lockable and this ensures it is easy for jogging. The wheels also have a quick release that will allow for compact storage. For when there are long journeys undertaken, the stroller has room for 2 beverages on a tray and there is also a child’s tray. When pushing the stroller, there are a number of features that will make it comfortable.

There is a wide push handle that is ergonomically shaped and has foam padding. The canopy can be adjusted and is strong so that it protects from both the sun and the wind. There is a multi-position padded seat for comfort in the stroller that reclines. To make sure that the child is safe, there is a safety harness that has 5 full adjustable points.

A child up to 50lbs and 42” tall will be safe in there as it is strong enough to hold them. It is simple to take the car seat from the base. Therefore, there will not be a delay when travelling. Plus it is just as easy to attach the seat to the stroller. When the child is small it will be best not to use the jogging function.




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