Baby Car Seat Guide – How To Buy And Use Safely

When buying a car and you have children it is best to look at the baby car seat guides. While it makes sense to put a car booster seat in your car when you are driving children around, it is in fact the law in many places and there are penalties for not doing so. When looking to buy your first baby car seat, it can appear quite daunting. However, you should remember that they are based on weight, height and age. It covers both the laws surrounding the use and a way to determine which one you should use.

Front or Rear Facing?

The smallest child will have a seat that is rear facing, on passenger seat, and will often be within reach of the parent. As they get a little older ababy car seat toddler will have a safety seat. An older child will be given a booster seat. Often the law is that the child must be placed in the back of the car. This worries some parents as they feel they may not be able to reach them if anything happened. By the time they reach their early teens it is considered safe for them to use a seat belt in the same way that an adult does.

Refer to types of baby car seats

Law on baby car seat

Fitting the seat belt in the car is maybe the hardest part. It is ideal if it can be done by someone from the breakdown services . It is pointless buying an expensive seat and then not fitting it right and the child being hurt. The law states how the seat should be fitted. Not knowing this is not a good enough excuse to evade punishment. If the safety of your child is not important, think about having fine or bad points on your driving license.

For a first offense it could be as much as $500 that will charged and for subsequent offences, this will rise considerably. It will be best to check the law in the states you visit as well as the one where you live. Most do insist on a booster seat after the car seat is outgrown. Very few allow the transition to be straight to adult belt. At all times as your child grows it is vital that you check the seat is right for them and that they are fully protected when it is being used.